Strong teams

AGJ is divided into separate teams with their own specialized set of skills.

They solve almost all assignments.

More than 50 years of experience and retraining

AGJ A/S is a 100 per cent Danish owned forging, engineering and machining company with currently ca. 70 employees. Since 1963 we have supplied forging and construction work to various industries both domestically and abroad, including the pharmaceutical, windmill, food industries, power plants and refineries. Over time we have grown to take on more and complex forging jobs within the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, both domestically and abroad.


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Orbital welding close to edges and endnings adjacent  to flanges and valve houses

AGJ A/S has invested in yet a new orbital welding machine from german Orbitalum. The equipment is a Orbimat 180 SW, and it strengthes the teams compiled welding capacity significantly in relation to delivering welding projects at the highest level to the food- and pharmaceutical industry. With the new Orbimat, we weld thin-walled pipes in dimension from ø25mm to ø76,1mm……..

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AGJ Hard Surfacing launches new environmental department for passivisation of stainless workpieces

AGJ A/S har set up a distinct environmental department in our production line. It is a closed off area for treatment of welded stainless steel constructions and piping systems. The environmental department performs cleaning and passivation of piping systems and steel constructions in an specially designed “Environmental House” operating in a closed circuit.

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AGJ Hard Surfacing offers Vapor Honing for silky smooth surfaces on spare parts and industrial workpieces

As something new in AGJ Hard Surfacing, we offer VAPOR HONING on all workpieces, where the outcome is expected to be silky smooth, and where the surface treatment is gentle and doesn’t remove material.

Vapor Honing is performed in a specially designed cabinet, where specially hardened glas pellets and water under pressure remove impurities from your motor components, transmission parts or industrial machine components. Cleaning with vapor honing is performed in a closed water circuit, and as a result of this, it’s a completely green technology to achieve a super finish on your workpieces.

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New large investments in stainless steel shop

AGJ invest in a new big workshop for stainless production. The workshop is build separately from the rest of our production facilities to eliminate the risk of contamination of our stainless constructions with non stainless particles.

To accomplish this 100% trustworthy, AGJ has invested in two brand new processing machines. A cutter and a press. They are both allocated to working only with stainless steel.

Furthermore AGJ has invested in a 5 inch GF precision tube cutter, that cuts thin wall tubes from Ø12 to Ø20. Combined with our orbital welding systems it increases our total capacity  and quality on e.g. thin wall dairy tubes and on the production of tubing- or pipe systems to the phamaceutical industry.

The workshop is ready to run in august 2016, and we look forward to excecuting the orders, that already now are booked at the team in AGJ Stainless.

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AGJ A/S ISO Certified in acc. to EN ISO 3834-2 and EN ISO 1090-1:

The team of AGJ A/S is now ISO-certified. Form October 2014, the team has achieved official ISO 3834-2 and ISO-1090 certification. We can now offer our customers welding and construction work incl. CE marking in accordance with applicable standards, in all steel and aluminum structures. The statutory CE Marking ensure full documentation and traceability by EUROCODES in security classes EXC1, EXC2 and EXC3. AGJ A/S conduct all assignments with focus on a healthy and safe work environment, and we are  ISO OHSAS 18001 certified Official certificates issued by Force Certification A/S can be downloaded here: AGJ ISO 3834-2 Certificate Force CertificationISO Certificate EN 1090 AGJ and Appendix to ISO Certificate AGJ.  Management says ISO-certification of our company and our processes are vital for the company and our customers. Our teams can now perform the most demanding welding engineering tasks including welding in the oil- and gas industry, with the support of its own engineers and welding technicians in AGJEngineering. Our customers get carried out far much more complex tasks than before, and confidently they leave total responsibility for AGJ A/S to manufacture piping- and tank tasks on high pressurized systems acc. PED to our team !


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