Our environmental department performs cleaning and passivation of stainless steel
in a closed circuit system

AGJ A/S har set up a distinct environmental department in our production line. It is a closed off area for treatment of welded stainless steel constructions and piping systems. The environmental department performs cleaning and passivation of piping systems and steel constructions in an specially designed “Environmental House” operating in a closed circuit.

This has been established knowing the demands, that meet our customers when they have to obtain occupation permits to the processing plants, that AGJ is a part of.

This – combined with the work we perform in the AGJ AQ/QC department – ensure our customers that the passivating processes are executed according to the regulatory requirements, that the plants have to fulfill.

We are proud of our new initiative within the environmental field. It is fully in agreement with the companys focus on sustainability  and eco-friendly production technology.