AGJ Piping – piping in the pharmaceutical industry and in power plants

Since 1963 AGJ A/S has performed an ever increasing amount of pipe jobs for our industrial clients in the pharmaceutical industry and on power plants in Scandinavia. Our teams work according to the strict quality standards required by our clients in the pharmaceutical industry, amongst others, and those which are required by the Danish power plants. We work according to welding standards under DS/EN ISO 3834 and the PED 2014/68/EU. Our blacksmiths can perform certified pipe jobs in thin-walled dairy pipes, plastic pipes and heavy-walled black pipes and pressurised plants.

The core of our staff includes well-educated blacksmiths, pipe layers and certified welding operators, who are supported by our welding specialists (IWS), our welding technician (IWT) or our technicians in AGJ Engineering. Consequently, we offer our clients substantial experience when it comes to industrial piping jobs. The team has at their disposal the latest orbital welding equipment and TIG welding equipment, and also endoscopy and pressure test equipment for carrying out our own inspections.