Stainless steel constructions

AGJ Stainless execute all types of of stainless steel constructions in all kinds of stainless steel from our stainless facilities in Stenlille.

Teams from AGJ Stainless execute all kinds of certificate welding in all types of stainless steel up to and including EXC 3.
All  welding solutions are executed acc. to DS/EN ISO 3834-2.

Our certified welders perform tube- and pipe welding on pressurized systems in all types of stainless steel acc. to the PED regulation.

CE-marking of all our stainless constructions acc. to EN 1090-3 up to and incl. EXC 3 is handles by our technicians in AGJ Engineering.

The core of our aluminium staff includes well-educated blacksmiths, pipe layers and certified welding operators, who are supported by our welding specialists (IWS), our welding technician (IWT) or our technicians in AGJ Engineering. Consequently, we offer our clients customer adapted stainless constructions of very high quality.