Industrial services – shut-down, turbine, generator and fan units

AGJ A/S has obtained substantial experience in repair and maintenance work in power plants all over Scandinavia. Consequently, our teams perform repair and maintenance work in turbine plants in some of the largest power plants in Denmark. Today we are have the capability of assembling teams consisting of mechanics, machine operators and turbine technicians, who all have many years’ experience with repair and maintenance of turbines, booster fans, valves and pumps.

When required, we do portable machine processing of machine components and do hard surfacing with e.g. wolfram carbides on worn out or damaged spare parts. Repairs like these are often done on-site at our clients’ facilities.

Our employees also do repairs during shut-down in refineries and in chemical processing plants, and we do systematic maintenance in manufacturing plants at our clients’ facilities in a wide range of industries from butcheries and mills to enzyme and bio ethanol manufacturers.