AGJ Engineering provides the management of projects using our own supervisors.

AGJ A/S typically performs interdisciplinary projects involving employees with many different functions and tasks. An assignment can easily involve competent employees from all levels in our team in close collaboration with our partners, and of course, our clients as well.

Our team is usually managed by our working foremen or a supervisor from AGJ Engineering. Our supervisors are responsible for keeping on schedule and for ensuring progress in the project entrusted to us, and they are also responsible for planning together with continuous follow-up on the project progress. A supervisor from AGJ Engineering may be required to ensure that quality requirements are continuously met and to regularly prepare technical documentation on-site at our client’s facilities.

AGJ Engineering crew is qualified to work as supervisors on the jobs we do at our clients’ facilities. All supervisors in AGJ Engineering have substantial experience in providing industrial solutions and have a technical background within welding such as International Welding Specialist IWS, International Welding Technologist IWT or are trained as either mechanical engineers or engineers whose education is coupled with extensive industrial expertise and experience. In addition, our supervisors have basic work environment training and are often certified crane and truck operators.