AGJ Portable processing and on-site machining

AGJ A/S collaborates with Metalock Engineering Sweden AB, including on machining with portable equipment on-site in our clients’ processing plants.

As an example, great savings are often obtained by machining a damaged shaft on a gear using portable equipment. As opposed to disassembling the main shaft in a turbine gear unit, the shaft end can be repaired on-site without any costs for disassembling the shaft, thus obtaining reduced production time.

Instead of bringing the part to our machine workshops where it is usually to be processed in lathe our technicians go to our clients’ processing plants and install portable equipment on the damaged part. Subsequently, turning, milling, grinding and possibly thermal spraying with carbides or metal is performed on the part.

A typical assignment is completed by repairing e.g. shaft end using thermal spraying to build up material/wear layers. Subsequently, we perform portable turning and final grinding/polishing with portable equipment. In total, repairs carried out with portable equipment result in great economic gains for our clients.

Call our technicians in AGJ Engineering for a further discussion on our possibilities to meet your challenge with portable processing.