AGJ Engineering — Working environment, health & safety

We focus our efforts on constantly obtaining an improved working environment. This applies to both the internal working environment in our workshops and the external working environment when we perform jobs in our clients’ processing plants. We give a high priority to having a good working environment, safety and health in our daily work. Management’s position is clear: all employees must return home safely from work regardless of location and the industries they work in!

Safety, health and working environment is an integrated part of our management systems and thereby an important part of the team’s complete set of values and standpoints.

To manage the working environment and safety in AGJ A/S the management has set up a working environment organisation named AMO, who has been assigned to work with improving the working environment, safety and health in the workplace on an ongoing basis.

AMO works with physical and psychological working environment in focus. AMO consists of staff at all levels in AGJ A/S, as follows:

Stevie Hansen, Safety Representative.

Nicklas Bybjerg Jensen, Trade Union Representative.

Hans Winther, Tool storeroom.

AMO works with workplace assessments (APV) and collaborates closely with external consultant regarding working environment enquiries and according to audited and certified Work Environment Managing System OHSAS 18001

All of the AMO team has working environment training and section 26 training together with a course in hot work. Moreover, the management intends to ensure continuous first aid training.

AGJ is certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001.