New large investments in stainless shop

AGJ invest in a new big workshop for stainless production. The workshop is build separately from the rest of our production facilities to eliminate the risk of contamination of our stainless constructions with non stainless particles.

To accomplish this 100% trustworthy, AGJ has invested in two brand new processing machines. A cutter and a press brake. They are both allocated to working only with stainless steel.

Furthermore AGJ has invested in a 5 inch GF precision tube cutter, that cuts thin wall tubes from Ø12 to Ø20. Combined with our orbital welding systems it increases our total capacity  and quality on e.g. thin wall dairy tubes and on the production of tubing- or pipe systems to the phamaceutical industry.

The workshop is ready to run in august 2016, and we look forward to excecuting the orders, that already now are booked at the team in AGJ Stainless.

For the machine “nerds”::

Type specifications of CNC-controlled machine cutter:
CNC-controlled machine cutter type ADIRA GH 00640.
Programmable cut regulation, scratch free table and hydraulic plate stop.
Working width more than 4.000 mm.
Cuts stainless steel in plates up to 6mm and more than 4.000mm in length.

Type specifications på CNC-controlled press brake:
CNC-controlled press brake type ADIRA PM 22040.
Scratch free tables with brusches and various one-track tools for the most complicated bends.
Max. press power: 2.200 kN.
Working width more than 4.000 mm.
Bends / folds stainless steel in plate up to 6mm and more than 4.000mm in length.