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AGJ Container Trading A/S

  • AGJ A/S Personnel-and Office modules
  • AGJ A/S is capable of supplying personnel and office modules.
  • AGJ A/S rents out personnel and office modules to those of our clients who wish to have us deliver overall solutions
  • Thus, AGJ A/S is in a position to supply both personnel and personnel facilities at actual shut-downs, e.g. in the power plant industry
  • Send a request for your overall solution to AGJ A/S to tc@agj-smed.dkor contact Tim Christoffersen at: +45 51168595 or +45 57804400

AGJ A/S Container-Trading

  • AGJ A/S distributes and rents out completely new containers in all sizes and for all purposes
  • AGJ A/S is capable of supplying completely new office, storage, residential and environmental containers for clients all over Europe
  • AGJ A/S is in a position to supply completely new containers in the sizes 10”, 20” and 40”
  • AGJ A/S rebuilds containers for special purposes, according to client-specific requirements
  • AGJ A/S rents out a large number of containers for shorter or longer periods to our clients all over Scandinavia
  • AGJ A/S delivers your new container exactly on-site to a location of your choice

Please send requests for your new container to AGJ A/S at

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Standard containers, modified containers and custom containers.