AGJ A/S obtains pre-qualification with Sellihca

Based on increasing demands on quality from our clients, AGJ A/S has obtained certification and pre-qualification with Sellihca ID no. 110703 from 1 January 2012. Sellihca has approved our quality control system and the general qualification level of our team. The pre-qualification from Sellihca stresses the fact that AGJ A/S is qualified as a competent sub-supplier to clients in the Scandinavian energy sector. Our teams are pre-qualified by Sellihca to work in the following categories: 2.04.08 Installation/Maintenance of Pipework/Pipes, Hoses, Filters, Gaskets, etc. 2.20.08 Welding Services performed by Certified Personnel. 2.20.99 Other Installation/Mechanical/Maintenance Services. 3.02.03 Gas Power Plants. 3.02.08 Thermal Power Plants.

Management is currently working further on achieving pre-qualification as ‘Supplier to Swedish Nuclear Utilities’, where there is increased demand for management, quality, documentation and the safe execution of the work.